Part 2

P2 Video reference


Slow Hand Clap

Idea's workshop :Slow Hand Clap

Josiah McElheny - Interactions of the Abstract Body

Prague Quadrennial 2015: Kamila Polívková (Studio hrdin?) - ?íše zví?at

Hologram window display

Final performance: Slow hand clap

The playing audience


Lush Fighting Animal Testing: Live Demonstration at Regents Street

Download AA035601.m4v [15.68MB]

Musical Stairs

Scavenger Hunt

Stable Street: The playing audience

Download [27.52MB]

shadow projection

Kings cross: Flash mob

Stable Street: The playing audience

Download [27.77MB]

Spin or strip

Frozen Grand central

Stable Street: The playing audience

Download [41.71MB]

Boudica Warrior Queen 2003

Lara Croft

Winters break: War horse

Giant little girl

1616: The Tempest: Audiobook

Queen Boudica Battle

CGI Making

Handspring puppet company

Artichoke puppets

Full play

The Shakespeare festival: Act 5

Shakespeare Theatre: Ariel spirit

The Tempest film 2010: Act 5

The Globe: Ariel Harpy

Synetic theatre: The Tempest

Hobnob theatre: Act 5

Thomas Adès: The Tempest

Final performance: 1616

Download video-1453928229.mp4 [10.73MB]

Final performance: 1616

Download video-1453927983.mp4 [14.79MB]


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